Welcome to the UNK English Resource Repository

All material on this site is free of charge and is designed for use by students and teachers in composition courses.

The first page lists the first-year composition course outcomes recommended by the Council of Writing Program Administrators (CWPA). These outcomes describe the knowledge and skills students should be able to demonstrate after taking first-year college composition, as well as ways instructors can facilitate this knowledge. This resource is valuable for any instructor looking to implement or revise their course goals for composition classes.

The next three pages correspond to the first three canons of classical rhetoric—invention (finding something to write about), arrangement (organizing what’s been written), and style (artfully and effectively expressing what’s been written). Of course, these are synchronous rather than sequential steps, but like Quintilian and Cicero, most contemporary teachers find it helpful to categorize them separately.

We’ve also added tabs for open-access textbooks and course readings, grammar resources, and teaching literature within the context of a composition class.

Want to add something to the repository? Email it (with a brief description) to Dr. Seth Long at longsd@nullunk.edu or Dr. Amanda Sladek at sladekam@nullunk.edu.


This site is hosted by the Department of English at the University of Nebraska, Kearney.


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